Building Communities that Foster a Sense of Belonging

We believe that a great place is just the beginning - it's the people and the community that make it a place you'll love. At Pragna, we actively seek to bring together such communities and create joyful places.
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The Tropic


Covering 180 acres of a serene Vikarabad valley, The Tropic is a premium residential community built around a flourishing ecosystem offering over 2000 living spaces.

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Lost in the Woods


Located deep inside a biodiversity hotspot, Lost in the Woods is a biophilic residency where nature thrives alongside you and your loved ones.

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Hill County


Nestled under a hill, Hill County fuses downtown living with uptown homes to create this premium gated community in the rapidly developing town of Bhongir.

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Our Values Enable Our Excellence

The values we cherish enable the virtuosos inside each of us. It's what we believe in together that empowers us to set forth and create residential masterpieces.

Building Up

We've come far since 2006 and we've only just begun.

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Our legacy is an incredible story powered by dedication, hard work, talent, persistence and passion.

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At the core of your well-being

Pragna is led by a goal to elevate the experience of living. Four visionaries with decades of real estate expertise came together to make this dream a reality.