Royal Retreat

Plotted Developments In Hyderabad

Located right next to a humongous natural lake, Royal Retreat lives up to its exclusive and exuberant name. Surrounded by incredible flora and fauna, Royal Retreat is 50 acres of pure joy. The greenery, views and crisp, cool air will take one’s senses on a retreat every single day.


Avenue plantation

Landscaped parks

Rainwater harvesting

Well-built inner roads

100% Vasthu homes

Modular streetlights

Underground drainage

Nature living. Nature loving.

Designed to be a personal paradise, Royal Retreat is surrounded by nature’s finest and is built with man’s best. With seemingly endless sources of entertainment, sports and family activities, Royal Retreat offers a holistic experience custom made to every individual’s tastes.

A personal paradise

From forest greens to aquatic blues, Royal Retreat is full of colour, vividity and fun.‍

At the core of your well-being

Pragna is led by a goal to elevate the experience of living. Four visionaries with decades of real estate expertise came together to make this dream a reality.