Commercial Complex In Yelahanka New Town

Spanning 40,000 sq ft, Abode is a commercial complex that offers both storefronts and office spaces. Located in the rapidly growing and well-connected neighbourhood of Yelahanka New Town, Abode is a cultural and shopping hub in the making.


CCTV security



Well-lit interiors

Packed with all the things shoppers look for

Abode will feature a host of amenities that will benefit the shopper and the storeowner. Additionally, its close proximity to several colleges and schools enables a wave of younger crowd to visit Abode.

A grand approach to work life

When it comes to office spaces, Abode has it all, from dedicated floors to separate point of entry to a bevy of awesome features. Workspaces get a grand facelift at Abode.

At the core of your well-being

Pragna is led by a goal to elevate the experience of living. Four visionaries with decades of real estate expertise came together to make this dream a reality.


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